Welcome to Nethra Art Gallery


“Every artist dips her brush in her own soul and paints her own nature into the pictures”

Artist Nethra, an Engineering Graduate working as an IT professional in Kuwait, has passion for the meditative art of painting and loves every moment of self discovery that it brings.


A paintbrush is like her magic wand, wiping away all stress and worries, transporting her to a world of peace and tranquility - a world made by her.


Her journey into the awe inspiring world of art began with a rendezvous with oil painting, igniting in her the fire to experiment with other styles and mediums. Impressionist paintings inspired her to give life to her canvas with vibrant and lively colors.


With a busy work schedule and family life, she became a colorist painter soon mingling with the fast drying medium of acrylics which came as a boon to her, motivating her to splash on a bold and striking palette on her canvas transforming it into a soulful masterpiece.

Nethra hopes that her works are a reflection of her own cheerful and charismatic personality and put a smile on the face and a song in the hearts of everyone who sees it.

This website is dedicated to show some of her art work and Photography.




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